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Despite the quarantine — or because of it — there seems to be a lot of construction going on around town, in projects big and small. Some projects we’ve noticed lately include:

  • McDonald’s is renovating the interior of their restaurant. The KFC/Taco Bell finished renovating their interior a few months ago.
  • The new Steve’s Steakhouse location is slowly advancing, in the lot behind Wendy’s. The land was formerly going to be part of a strip mall, with a motel, movie theater, Mexican restaurant, home furnishings, and fun center. It appears those plans are permanently shelved.
  • A new car wash is being built in front of Ace Hardware.
  • Walmart removed several check stands to make way for an online shopping pickup tower inside the store.
  • The Uhaul location has completed construction on the storage buildings in the front and side parking lots, and finished adding numerous new entries for loading/unloading in the front of the building. However, one of the buildings appears to have been hit by a car, so more work may need to be done.
  • We hear the Mutual Self-Help Home Building project is about to start on two home building projects, in Richfield and Monroe, building several homes at each location.

There are other construction projects, including up in Salina. Notice any? Let us know!