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Please take 2 minutes to respond to the Census:

Richfield City is asking/begging locals to respond to the 2020 Census. The future of the area’s representation by both state and federal government completely depends on how many of us reply to the Census count.

Locals’ response from Sevier County has been, shall we say, modest. This means we will not be represented in the state legislature. We will not be represented in Congress. We will allow our tax dollars to be stolen away elsewhere. All for lack of a two-minute questionnaire!

Here is one recent request from Richfield City, included in local utility bills this month:

UTAH CENSUS 2020: You Matter. Be Counted.

Dear Resident, Please participate in the 2020 Census today! We are encouraging everyone to complete the Census.

By being counted in the 2020 Census, you will help determine federal funding for school programs, emergency services, and roads in our area. It also helps to determine Congressional representation for the State of Utah.

You can respond to the Census online or by phone. Start by visiting 2020CENSUS.GOV or by calling 844-330-2020.

Federal law keeps your responses safe so that you can take the 2020 Census with peace of mind. We all count, and we all get a chance to shape our future by participating in the 2020 Census.

The survey asks for your name and birthdates. If you want to include your genealogical background, you can, but do not have to. That’s all there is.

Take two minutes to help save our future. Fill out the 2020 Census now!