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First, the reality check:

The COVID-19 Pandemic is growing. Despite some limited successes, health officials around the world warn “the worst is yet ahead.”

To be clear: The coronavirus is still spreading and increasing sharply — in reported sicknesses and deaths — roughly following the “exponential growth” expected earlier.

(Editor’s Note: Check out the yellow graph at bottom-right, here: For anyone who thinks, “Well, that’s the world rate — not the US rate,” go ahead and click the US number at left. The chart will reload with only US results. Note, then, the graph is just as steep. Possibly steeper.)

Also, keep in mind, since there are problems in the “reported” process, by accident and design, the actual rates of sickness and death may be higher. Perhaps, much higher (see links below).

Yet, people are staying on quarantine more than experts thought they would. Which is really good!

Keep doing that! And wear masks when you’re out! And wash your hands frequently!

However, we are nowhere near “over this.” Our trusted Dr. Fauci has suggested a wait of 18 months for a new vaccine. Many others hope it will come even quicker, and some are working toward that. But, to be clear, the shortest vaccine development in history was four years.

So don’t slack off on being careful now. Be patient, be safe, and stay home as much as possible.

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Why this article?
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Here’s a brief description of how COVID-19 infections actually work, but if you read only one article, read this:

The coronavirus attacks lung cells that make surfactant. This substance helps the air sacs in the lungs stay open between breaths and is critical to normal lung function. As the inflammation from Covid pneumonia starts, it causes the air sacs to collapse, and oxygen levels fall. Yet the lungs initially remain “compliant,” not yet stiff or heavy with fluid. This means patients can still expel carbon dioxide — and without a buildup of carbon dioxide, patients do not feel short of breath.

Patients compensate for the low oxygen in their blood by breathing faster and deeper — and this happens without their realizing it. This silent hypoxia, and the patient’s physiological response to it, causes even more inflammation and more air sacs to collapse, and the pneumonia worsens until oxygen levels plummet. In effect, patients are injuring their own lungs by breathing harder and harder.

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New analysis recommends less reliance on ventilators to treat coronavirus patients

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Small Business Coronavirus Relief Options: Paycheck Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance, SBA Express Bridge Loans, SBA Debt Relief:

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America has just 4.3% of the world’s population. Two weeks ago America had 20% of the world’s confirmed fatalities. Now, the U.S. has a third of all Coronavirus cases, exceeding 869,000, and more than a quarter of the deaths, at 49,963.

Note: America’s Coronavirus deaths have (or, will, in a day or two) surpass the deaths of the entire Vietnam War. Stay safe/home.