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Today, Gov. Herbert announced the public beta testing phase for Healthy Together, a symptom checking mobile application that helps augment current contact tracing efforts. The app is designed to help Utahns work together in concert with public health officials to slow the spread of COVID-19.

In conjunction with State efforts to continue increasing testing capacity for COVID-19, Healthy Together will increase the ability of health workers and state officials to trace and contain COVID-19. Healthy Together’s mobile application and analysis technology will support Utah’s contact tracing plan by giving state health workers a faster and more accurate picture of where and how the virus is spreading.

“Our Utah Department of Health is focused on targeted ways we can trace the spread of COVID-19,” Gov. Herbert said. “The more Utahns choose to use this application, the more clearly our public health teams will be able to see exactly where, and whom the virus is infecting. In time, this will allow us to address outbreaks with a focused approach instead of widespread stay-at-home directives. This app will give public health workers information they need to understand and contain the pandemic and help Utahns get back to daily life.”

Utahns can download and test the first iteration of the mobile application through the Google and Apple app stores starting today.

“Testing and contact tracing are crucial to any public health response, and especially to a pandemic response,” said Dr. Angela Dunn, state epidemiologist. “I am hopeful this app will provide our hard-working contact tracing teams with even more information to help them do their jobs effectively and efficiently.”

Healthy Together, a solution developed by the founders of Twenty, prompts users to take a daily symptom assessment developed in partnership with the Utah Department of Health and integrated into the mobile application. When the app identifies someone in need of COVID-19 testing, it helps connect them with testing in their area. Test results are also available through the app.

When an individual tests positive for COVID-19, they are contacted by a public health worker, who works with them to identify close contacts who could have potentially been exposed to the virus. App users who choose to share their data will help Utah public health workers understand where they may have spread the virus if they test positive. This app will be an important tool in the fight against COVID-19. All personal information in the app is anonymous to everyone except public health.

“Developing a platform that can augment and amplify the existing efforts of healthcare workers to control the spread of this pandemic is a tremendous, yet critical challenge,” said Jared Allgood Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Twenty. “Healthy Together was designed to increase both the accuracy and scale of the information available for analysis, while providing privacy and security to the data of every person who participates in Utah’s fight against COVID-19. We’re grateful to help and committed to Utah’s effort to eliminate this threat and re-open our businesses, neighborhoods and communities safely.”

The app is free to download, and use of the app is strictly opt-in and voluntary. Users own their location data and can delete it at any time. Personal data shared with public health officials will be used solely to combat COVID-19. Location data will be automatically deleted every 30 days, and symptom data will be automatically de-identified after 30 days. Healthy Together complies with State requirements for data security and encryption.

You can download Healthy Together in your app store, from, or from

Here’s more information about the app from the Google Play app store:

Healthy Together is developed in partnership with the State of Utah to stop the spread of COVID-19, help residents get access to testing services, support public health officials contact tracing efforts, get information about how to stay safe in your area, and help our community safely re-open the economy sooner.

Take a Daily Checkup to track your symptoms and find out if you should call your doctor or get tested for COVID-19. Easily share your results with your doctor.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act provides cost-free COVID-19 testing. Check the map to see the COVID-19 testing locations nearby, easily make an appointment, and get access to COVID-19 test results directly through the Healthy Together app. (Utah residents only)

Use private and secure contact tracing to find out if you’ve been potentially exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. This opt-in feature uses location and Bluetooth technology to identify if you’ve had a moderate-to-high risk exposure event. [In Utah] you may receive automated alerts or public health officials may contact you regarding what steps to take.

1) User Data, Privacy & Security
2) There is no mandate to participate in this effort, users choose to opt-in
3) Users are in full control of their personal data. They decide what data to share, can reverse those decisions as well as delete their data any moment they choose.
4) All symptom data is automatically de-identified after 30-days.
5) All location data is automatically deleted after 30-days.
6) Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
7) The use of this data is limited to COVID-19 response efforts, public health & research purposes.

By using Healthy Together you are playing an active and critical role in protecting the people close to you, and everyone in your community. The faster and more aggressively we collectively respond to the threat of COVID-19 the sooner we will be able to eliminate this threat, re-open our neighborhoods, re-start our economy, and resume enjoying everything we love about our communities.

Thank you for participating in Healthy Together!

Download the app now:

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