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Local K-12 schools will remain closed through the end of the school year.

Distance learning will continue, as is, through May 22 which is the end of the K-12 school year.

Presumably, the same will apply to most, if not all, the state’s K-12 schools. Utah colleges were already planning on only offering distance learning courses through this academic year and summer terms as well. What will happen in the fall is yet to be determined; much depends on how aggressively Utahns continue to self-quarantine.

Meals will continue to be offered in our area through the school year, and presumably, throughout most of the summer (as the Summer Lunch Program).

With all after-school teams and practices canceled, it appears the sports in the fall could eventually be canceled — or at least, compromised in some ways, for safety reasons.

The official announcement from the Sevier School District office may be read below: