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Shopping is becoming somewhat easier in Richfield lately, with paper goods and other products returning to shelves. Yet things are not quite back to normal.

Lin’s Fresh Market is now offering their “to go” shopping service. To shop or learn more, visit:

The Richfield Walmart has made a series of announcements lately to clarify recent changes in their shopping experience:

– To be clear, the Richfield Walmart does not offer their version of online grocery shopping with an outdoors pickup. The store was supposed to be remodeled for this in February but was delayed due to the Coronavirus crisis. (This helps explain the recent announcements in the store and online, e.g., However, the store now plans to have the service ready by fall.

– “Starting April 4, we will use a single, clearly designated entrance and exit to help maintain social distancing. We’ll be forming queues outside the store and limiting the number of customers who can be inside at once. Read more:”

Note that some associates say the store has not actually reached the limits on the property.

– “Through April 28, we will host an hour-long senior shopping event for our shoppers aged 60 and older. This will start one hour before the store opens. Our vision center and pharmacy will also be open during this time. To help us serve as many customers as possible during that hour and to minimize your wait time, we’d appreciate if you would call in any prescription refills at least 24 hours in advance”

– “Our drinking fountains are closed until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.”

– Walmart will bring prescriptions out to your car. “Picking up a prescription and not wanting to get out of the car? No problem! Look for [the] sign and let us know you’re here. We will come out and take care of the rest.”

– The auto area is closed — at least for now??

– And finally, Walmart says, “We’re hiring! We are adding new associates in order to better serve our community. In order to fill these positions quickly, we are waiving the two week application time for a 24-hour application process. Apply here:

Thank you for supporting local stores!