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Utah is offering lots of information about the COVID-19 Coronavirua Outbreak. However, it may be easy to miss the state’s main place to get help.

This is where:

The page lists resources for:

  • Unemployment Insurance — Includes the $600/week CARES Act bonus (which is still awaiting info from the Trump administration).
  • Temporary Layoff Virtual Workshop for Employees — Includes those affected by COVID-19.
  • Recruitment Support — For businesses needing to hire to meet demand.
  • One Utah Child Care — Free child care for essential employees in the public health and safety sectors.
  • Office of Child Care — For others still working.
  • Child Care Centers — Assistance Getting the “Paycheck Protection Program” to pay employees’ salaries.
  • Food Assistance — Get monthly funds for purchasing food for your family via SNAP/”food stamps.”
  • Rent and Eviction Information — Residential Eviction Protection Fact Sheet
  • Energy Assistance — The HEAT program’s year-round energy crisis assistance
  • Medical Assistance — Medicaid assistance, to pay for your medical care. FYI: Medicaid has suspended the recent Trump administration’s community engagement/work/self-sufficiency requirement. During this period of time, Medicaid members do not need to register for work, complete an online evaluation, participate in online workshops, or apply for jobs.
  • Employment Centers — Online workshops and assistance are available.
  • Education and Training Center — Staff are available remotely to help answer questions and navigate services.
  • ASL Updates — Sign language information for the hearing-impaired.

Some people, in our community, feel that they do not want any help from the government. Which is understandable.

However, generally speaking, many experts would say that the government is against helping its citizens in need, for a variety of reasons. Many in need of food and medical assistance go without each year. The state and federal governments know this, yet rarely reach out to assist its people as they are now. With the COVID-19 outbreak, things will likely get worse before they get better.

So, if you meet the criteria for help from the State of Utah, by golly, you REALLY deserve that help. Take it. Use it. Live healthier and happier. You and your family.

Government of the people, by the people, and FOR the people has, in fact, NOT perished from the Earth. Thank goodness.

So, if you need help — or know someone who might — here it is, however limited. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFO.

To view this info, and more, PLEASE visit: