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Local businesses who depend on travelers on Interstate 70 are bound to see a drop-off as “social distancing” — remaining home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19 — becomes more prevalent across the country.

“People tend to isolate and practice social distancing when they feel an imminent threat. But health experts argue that states without many confirmed infections should react as though the virus is already widespread — because it probably is.

“‘The cases we see today reflect transmission that has happened in the past,’ said Ashleigh Tuite, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto. ‘We have to be able to anticipate what is to come.’

“To measure how social distancing has changed our behavior, analysts looked at how far people travel each day using smartphone G.P.S. signals, calculating an average distance for each county and state.”

Wondering why there is a need for social distancing from the Coronavirus? Here’s a popular explanation on Youtube:

Here’s an even briefer example why:

Stay home and stay safe, Sevier Valley!

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