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“…There are now five GOP senators in self-quarantine or isolation — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who has tested positive for coronavirus, as well as Sens. Mike Lee and Mitt Romney of Utah, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Rick Scott of Florida.”

With Utah’s senators, along with other Republicans, staying away from the Senate chambers, more bipartisanship than usual is needed for an assistance package to be approved.

Apparently, the current proposed deal — which would include checks for thousands of dollars to American households — is balanced more toward business interests than American families, thus failing a bipartisan vote. Republicans reportedly thought they could coerce Democrats to support their business-focused agenda, as Democrats are generally more concerned for workers’ well-being, and were thought to be likely to support any help headed for households, no matter how meager. The GOP’s gamble failed. The future of the initiative is now uncertain.

Men are more likely to contract the coronavirus sickness and more likely to perish from the disease. The elderly and sickly are also more vulnerable. However, people in any circumstance can be sickened by the fast-spreading pandemic.