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Local people are lining up before the local grocery stores are opening and rushing in to clear the shelves. Stringent limits are being placed on how many items may be purchased for many products. Police are present each morning. So, a quick reminder from the experts:

“Don’t be fooled by the barren grocery store shelves: There’s plenty more food on the way.

“Meat, dairy and produce groups — as well as federal regulators — say the U.S. has an ample amount of products in cold storage to handle the unexpected demand for food and household products from Americans.

“The latest Agriculture Department data shows record-high stocks of frozen poultry, cheeses like American and Swiss and red raspberries, while frozen pork supplies are up 11 percent from last year.

“Rice producers, whose grains have been flying off of store shelves along with other inexpensive and long-lasting foods, say there’s no shortage and those items are being “quickly replenished.'”


“Americans have been alarmed by empty grocery shelves, but while food suppliers and retailers say they are struggling with surging demand, they insist the supply chain remains strong.”