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UPDATE: All of these programs are now offering their courses online in response to the Coronavirus Crisis.

Lots of people are asking about higher education available in the area lately. Here’s the basic info to know: Most locals go to one of four college programs below.

Note that for all these schools (except BYU Pathway), you may/can/should apply for college financial aid, which includes the free Pell Grant (free money for any/all costs for higher ed), visit:


1. Snow College Richfield is mostly a two-year school, with a few Bachelor degress available. It is part of Snow College in Ephraim, and costs less than the standard Pell Grant:

2. Utah State offers many, many different degrees. You can take classes for many programs online and/or while watching streaming video of classes on the Snow Richfield campus:

3. Western Governor’s University is all online, multi-state university which allows students to basically go as fast as they want (if you can pass the final exam, you’re done with that class, so you can take many classes per semester):

4. Brigham Young University offers “Pathway,” a very inexpensive program (not Pell Grant accessible) with an easy approach to higher education. There is a local group that meets to help support students enrolled in the program. It is a simplified two-year program from which students may seek a degree from BYU, proper, at the same very low rates: